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Is a New York based singer-song writer who transcends convention and instead focuses on the raw emotion of his beautifully crafted melodies, soul bearing vocals and leaving it all on the stage. A sincere talent, Cooley seamlessly combines soul, classic rock, reggae, pop, and funk.

Born in Tarrytown, NY to an English Literature professor and French teacher, Cooley was heavily encouraged to explore his creative writing and master his craft of live performance.


A veteran of the stage, Cooley has been performing professionally since the age of 16. For over 10 years he served as the lead singer & guitarist of Straight Wired, a top-drawing band in NYC known for their debut at Woodstock ’94. He has played in the French West Indies, and is currently building a strong following in NYC as a solo act, after being a dependable draw out east for audiences summering in the .

His songwriting abilities are right on par with his live shows. Brother, an original song featuring a string arrangement scored by Rob Matthes, hits an emotional chord with fans and was used to benefit the Montel Williams M.S foundation. Russ Desalvo, the song’s producer, boasts, “I have been a successful songwriter in the industry for many years and I don’t know if I could write a song as beautiful as Brother.”


These days he can hypnotize an audience with his impressive acoustic set, laying down a percussive groove by drumming on his guitar while recording it through a loop station, steadily building on top of it until he creates a full band sound with a single instrument.


His unique gift is evident in his latest effort, “Listen In,”
produced by Kiyanu Kim, award-winning songwriter responsible for hits like Miley Cyrus’ emotional anthem, “Wrecking Ball.” 

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